Building Diagnostics

With a combined 20 plus years of experience investigating vintage and new buildings, our tremendous insight into the energy related problems that homes face is unsurpassed. We are Certified Thermographers as well as Certified Energy Advisers. With our expertise we’ll help you determine the root of the problem and fix it at the source.

Using our non-destructive testing methods including Infrared diagnostic and blower door testing technology we can diagnose the problems a home accurately.

Our consultants have been helping homeowners successfully solve home energy related problems throughout the Greater Toronto Area since 1999.

As a result our diverse experience has led us to understand a variety of housing stock and many common problems like ice damming, moisture, condensation, mould and other comfort related concerns in the home.

Our Services:

Diagnostic & testing
using non-invasive methods we can pin point the exact source of the issue,
presented in a detailed report.

Specification writing
we can help explain how to fix the problem in detail. Identifying all areas of concerns,
suggesting the right materials and providing details on how to rectify the issue.

Performance Management
Get us to review your renovation project before it gets started. We can help identify any potential problems before it’s too late and work with your construction team to clarify the path to high performance.

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