Deep Energy Retrofits

Are you considering gutting your existing home to retrofit for maximum efficiency, comfort, durability and energy independence? Then consider a Deep Energy Retrofit (DER). We have over 13 years of making recommendations, specifying materials and methods for upgrading old and vintage homes.

The DER is defined as a ‘gut rehab’ where we work with the owner’s architect/designer and general contractor to produce an energy optimised building.

BlueGreen Group’s highly specialised DER Consultation service* includes:

  • an energy audit of existing building,
  • energy modeling of the house and proposed new additions (if applicable) for efficiency optimisation,
  • using the IDP process, we bring key players to our office (eg. homeowner, builder and architect),
  • cost barrier tunneling  analysis (if site conditions allow),
  • ROR analysis on various upgrade scenarios,
  • specification development,
  • contractor training,
  • site inspections,
  • final blower door air tightness testing,
  • commissioning of finished renovation mechanical equipment and
  • final homeowner report.

Give us a call to find out how we can make your old home perform better than a new one!