Design Meets Boots was Awesome!

On October 8th, BGG hosted a networking session for architects and builders to come together and share their insights and experience with the audience of just over 50 of the most cutting edge architects, builders and building consultants south western Ontario has to offer. It was like the brain trust for the future of high performance building and we were humbled and honoured to hear them talk!

At the core of the event was an invitation to all high performance building practitioners to come together to accelerate design and construction practices that make our buildings more resilient, healthy and less of a burden on the environment. Ultimately, its about increasing profitability of building high performance by learning and doing what’s right.

Of course it wasn’t all work, the beer, sparkling wine and nibbles were an equally powerful draw that allowed these esteemed professionals to swap war stories and start collaborative relationships that help these vital SMEs to burgeon.

The evening kicked of with Passive House builder Ed Marion of Passive House Ontario. Based out of Oakville, Ontario, Ed proves time and again that powerful envelope design means you can have a “furnace-less room” and live comfortably with air source heat pumps.



Hot on Ed’s heels was Steven Gray of Greening Homes who’s probably produced the most air tight retrofit of a solid masonry home in Canada. Congrats to Greening Homes on the amazing detailing.



Architect Tom Knezic gave an incredibly insightful review of Solares’ Deep Energy Retrofit of a double brick 100 year old home in Toronto. With charm and wit, Tom closed by giving his honest assessment of what he’d do differently next time – it was good to hear.



Architect Terrell Wong closed the night with her David and Goliath battle with Toronto City Hall. Even with the precedent set by the city building a straw bale building in High Park, it seems no one else would get a permit… until David came to town…


Again, we can’t thank our two event sponsors enough; if we have seen far it is because we have stood on your shoulders! Thank you Solares Architecture and Passive Buildings Canada:

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