Passive House

The gold standard for energy efficiency the world over is the Passive House standard. Passive house design is growing by leaps and bounds in popularity in North America. We offer both design and construction phase services for Certified Passive Houses, and even Near Passive Houses. Our flexible approach means we work with you and your design team to optimize the efficiency of your dream home through careful analysis using the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP). We help owners, designers and builders to minimize project costs and optimize energy savings.

Our new construction experience along with expertise in PH design principles (Shervin Akhavi wrote his masters of civil engineering thesis on Passive House Design at the birthplace of the standard, the University of Darmstadt ) means that we bring this whole process to a practical level. On the construction site, we work closely with the site supervisor through the construction phase to ensure critical details are properly executed. We will also submit data and energy modeling for Passive House certification.

The Boston firm Albert, Righter and Tittman Architects. The images were created for their presentation “Getting to Passive House in Vermont & Redifining Affordable Housing”, but they are universally applicable. The illustrations help make the case that green building in the new millennium should be about simplicity: weaving together and maximizing simple technologies rather than relying on fancy gizmos and complex systems.

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