SB-12 Energy Design Summary

Don’t let the new changes to the Ontario Building Code slow you down; we can help for less than you’d expect. SB-12′s newest demands came into effect on January 1st 2017 with a hefty 15% increase in energy performance. If you have too much window area or find the 6 Prescriptive path’s too restricting, give us a call we can help you get your Building Permit and put the shovel in the ground!

New this year, we can also use Passive House energy software to tune your project. We’re using the powerful new software called WUFI Plus produced by The Faunhofer Institute.

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Most tract home builders will find a solution in one of the packages in the tables (2.1.1) of SB-12, but if your design:

  • Has over 22% window to wall ratio,
  • Is better than the minimum energy efficiency requirements of the code,
  • Or have something a little different (Structurally Insulated Panels, CLT, Straw bale of Rammed earth);

we’re here to help!  Our service is prompt and surprisingly affordable.

Custom home builders, architects and designers with unique, modern homes with higher than 22% glazing will have to jump a few hurdles to comply with SB-12.

Over 22% window glazing on your project? We offer prompt, friendly face to face solutions if you require a meeting with the design team. We find the face to face approach with the technical team produces three key benefits: lower construction cost, a quicker turnaround time to pull permits and a win for the homeowner who’s technical team are all on the same page.

If you’re coy about final air tightness testing for the finished home, we can help. Either we work with your GC and trades to bring them up to speed or ask us about our “Performance Compliance” option.

Grants for New Houses? Ask us to help you qualify – if available – for any New Construction or Major Renovation Program.