New Passive Building Standards for North America

The new Passive Building Standard will be announced this fall at the Passive Buildings Conference in California and it will be a game changer. Currently, a steadily growing grass-roots movement is calling for more resilient housing and this will be the one unifying document that will trigger the much needed wave of popular support for high performance housing on this continent.

Smith House Illinois

Katrin Klingenberg of PHIUS has been making in-roads in the gritty North American political climate and it looks as though she will finally get a break. The modest house above was the first North American house to be certified by Germany as a PH. It is located in Urbana Illinois.

Many inspiring designs are emerging that bust the myth that beauty is a odds with efficiency and this new standard will only help to strengthen that point. For a full reading of why a new standard is being developed for the North American climate, read GBA’s Guest Blog this month.

We look forward to learning about it at the conference!